High diagnostic accuracy


Negative Predictive Value


Positive Predictive Value



Indicates that the probability of the nodule being malignant drops from 25% to less than 5%, allowing follow-up to be recommended as an alternative to surgery.

Indicates that the probability that the nodule is malignant rises from 25% to 78%, therfore surgery is recommended.

Indicates the percentage of benign cases that are correctly identified and will avoid unnecessary surgery.

¿Cómo solicito el test?

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  • Muestra para análisis molecular

Orden médica para ThyroidPrint

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How does ThyroidPrint work?

To perform the test, a fine needle aspiration is performed. The sample will be shipped to our laboratory where 10 genes will be analyzed by real-time PCR. PCR results will undergo further analysis using an algorithm developed by artificial intelligence that will provide a score that determines whether the indeterminate thyroid nodule is benign or malignancy.

How long does it take to deliver the test result and how will you send me the result?

Delivery of the test result takes 10 business days.

The patient will receive the result via email, with a copy to the attending physician.

If you wish, you can see the standard result report, which you will receive in the following Link.