What is an indeterminate thyroid nodule?

When you undergo a fine needle aspiration for a thyroid nodule, there are 3 outcome options:

  • BENIGN, 65% of cases.
  • MALIGNANT, 15% of cases (you have cancer).
  • INDETERMINATE, 20% of cases.

If your result is INDETERMINATE your risk of cancer is between 20% or 30%. Due to this risk, many patients undergo diagnostic surgery to determine the real nature of the nodule. This approach results in 70% rate of patients undergoing unnecessary surgery.

How to avoid unnecessary surgery with ThyroidPrint?

If you have an indeterminate thyroid nodule you may benefit from undergoing the ThyroidPrint test.

A benign result is predicted with a certainty greater than 95% certainty and allows to safely recommend follow up as an alternative to surgery.

If the result is malignant, the probability of cancer increases from 25% to 70%, therfore surgery is recommended.

How does ThyroidPrint work?

The test is performed by performing a new FNA of the indeterminate nodule, followed by genetic analysis to determine if the nodules is benign or malignant.
  • ThyroidPrint has a diagnostic certainty of 95%.
  • ThyroidPrint is able to avoid unnecessary surgery in 88% of cases.

Benefits of avoiding unnecessary Thyroid surgery.

Avoid surgical risks

Avoid permanent hormone supplementation

Avoid unnecessary health expenses

How can I take the test?

To take the test, your treating doctor must issue an request for a new fna and a second order requesting the ThyroidPrint test.

Where is ThyroidPrint performed?

The ThyroidPrint test is performed in our centralized laboratory, which is accredited by the prestigious agency of the American College of Pathologists: CAP.
GeneproDX is the first laboratory in Chile to be accredited by CAP.

  • The director of the laboratory is: Dr. Natalia Mena, PhD, MBA.
  • Currently we offer the service in Chile and Argentina, soon we will have coverage in Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay.
  • In case you are a patient who does not live in Chile, the sample can be shipped to our laboratory. If you require more information, please complete the following form.

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    ¿Existe reembolso?

    • Sí, con su boleta usted puede reembolsar, Código Isapre: 0304008 X 4 (20 mediciones).

    ¿Cómo puedo pagar el test?

    • El test se puede pagar en efectivo, por transferencia bancaria o por tarjeta de crédito en cuotas.

    ¿Dónde se paga el test?

    • En nuestro Laboratorio, ubicado en Portugal 61, piso 1, Santiago Centro, Metro Universidad Católica. Fuera de Chile a través de la empresa intermediaria South Genetic.