What is ThyroidPrint?

What is ThyroidPrint?

If you have undergone a Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) of a thyroid nodule and the microscopic examination is reported as indeterminate (Bethesda III or IV category) your risk of cancer is ranges between 20-30%. ThyroidPrint is a diagnostic test able to solve this uncertainty by predicting whether you really have a benign nodule with a certainty greater than 95% allowing to avoid undergoing diagnostic surgery.

What does an indeterminate thyroid cytology report mean?

It means that the microscopic examination of your FNA has been reported as Bethesda III or IV and your cancer risk ranges between 20-30%. With this result your doctor faces the uncertainty whether to recommend surgery or not.

Indeterminate Nodules: Bethesda III and IV

When you undergo a fine needle aspiration the result will be reported according to the Bethesda category classification. This classification has categories from I to VI and report your risk of cancer.

  • The Bethesda I and II categories: risk of cancer between 2-4%.
  • The Bethesda III and IV categories: risk of cancer between 20-30%..
  • The Bethesda V and VI categories: risk of cancer between 70-98%.

If your cytology report is diagnosed as category Bethesda III or IV it is considered indeterminate.