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    Resolve Your Uncertainty

    ThyroidPrint® predicts whether an indeterminate thyroid nodule is benign or not with high diagnostic accuracy allowing to avoid diagnostic surgery.

    GeneproDX® presents ThyroidPrint®, a molecular diagnostic tool streamlining the management of indeterminate thyroid nodules (Bethesda III/IV). This fifteen year long research output redefines nodules as Benign or Malignancy Suspicious, boosting patient care decisions. GeneproDX® is accredited by College of American Pathologists (No. 1821095).

    Thyroidprint® clinical pathway in case of thyroid nodule detection

    How does ThyroidPrint® work?

    ThyroidPrint® was developed to predict benignity of indeterminate thyroid nodules using an innovative microfluidics real-time PCR technology and a neural network-based algorithm analysis.

    It provides the following performance parameters:

    Sensitivity 91%, Specificity 88%, Negative Predictive Value 95% and Positive Predictive Value of 78%

    GeneproDX & Biocartis

    First-of-its-kind Molecular Test: Analyzed in Your Hospital in Less Than 3 Hours

    Thanks to the partnership between GeneproDx® and Biocartis™, ThyroidPrint® becomes the world’s only decentralized molecular test for thyroid nodules through the Idylla™ platform.

    It will be available soon in Europe (Q4 2023), allowing hospitals to conduct the analysis directly on-site.

    Come and discover this groundbreaking innovation that will revolutionize diagnosis at our booth during the WCTC 2023 from June 15th to 17th in London, UK. We will be located at booth n° 19.

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    Scientific evidence

    ThyroidPrint®, globally validated in hundreds of patients, including those from the USA, ensures consistent and top-quality results. We invite you to download and delve deeper into the studies that support our test, which have been recognized in reputable publications such as the Thyroid Journal. These studies demonstrate the rigorous scientific research and proven clinical value of our test.

    Clinical Validation

    This publication is reports two-independent multicenter – prospective trials that validate the clinical performance of ThyroidPrint® in two- ethnically diverse cohorts

    Test Design & Statistical Rational

    This review addresses the statistical rational supporting the intended use of molecular testing for indeterminate thyroid nodules.

    Biomarker Discovery & Development

    This paper provides the insight on the biomarker discovery process and classifier development to reach a statistical performance necessary to serve the intended use of ThyroidPrint® (Rule-out).

    Independent Comment by Expert

    This publication is a summary and comment by an independent expert about the clinical validation studies of ThyroidPrint®

    Independent Comment by Expert

    This publication is a summary and comment by an independent expert about the biomarker discovery & development of ThyroidPrint®

    Clinical Utility

    This publication reports the first real-world experience with ThyroidPrint®, showing the impact on physician decision making and the resulting benefit for patients tested with ThyroidPrint®

    Manuscript submitted for review to Endocrine-Related Cancer

    Visit us at booth No. 19 at the WCTC 2023 from June 15th- 17th in London, UK

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