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Molecular tests for indeterminate thyroid nodules are the most advanced and accurate diagnostic tool to avoid unnecessary surgeries.

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    Before opting for diagnostic surgery, it is important to explore all diagnostic options that will provide comprehensive information so you can making a decision on the best available information. Currently, microscopic evaluation of a fine needle aspiration (FNA) of the thyroid will provide definitive diagnosis in 80% of cases. However, in the remaining 20% an indeterminate result will be reported. For this reason, current clinical guidelines suggest the use of molecular tests such as ThyroidPrint to further improve the certainty of the diagnosis.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    They are techniques that allow the analysis and/or detection of gene expression or genetic sequence abnormalities at the molecular level.

    It is a molecular technique that allows us to determine abnormal changes in the presence of different genes (gene expression) in our cells. It does so by amplifying these genes so we can  detect these abnormalities in the gene expression  in real-time.

    The report is delivered within a maximum of 10 business days once the sample arrives to the central laboratory of GeneproDX.

    The report with the result is sent via email.

    You are eligible for ThyroidPrint if your nodule measures between 1 cm and 5 cm, the biopsy result (FNA) indicates that the nodule is categorized as Bethesda III or IV. It is always a physician who should validate your case. Call us to get more information.

    It is a universal system for categorizing thyroid nodules.

    • Bethesda I: Insufficient material
    • Bethesda II: Benign nodule – 3% risk of cancer
    • Bethesda III and IV: Indeterminate thyroid nodules – 10-30% risk of cancer
    • Bethesda V: Suspicious of malignancy – 60 to 75% risk of cancer
    • Bethesda VI: 98% risk of cancer

    The ThyroidPrint test can resolve diagnostic uncertainty by predicting with 95% certainty whether your indeterminate Bethesda III or IV thyroid nodule is benign.


    The Molecular Test that prevents unnecessary surgeries