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    How to become a physician able to order ThyroidPrint for my patients

    If you want to order ThyroidPrint for your patients, contact us, and we will provide personalized support to guide you and clarify any questions you may have. You may also do so through:

    How do I order the ThyroidPrint?

    You need to issue two orders, one for the FNA and second for the ThyroidPrint test.


    Steps to follow

    Contact us

    Leave us your information, and specialized service personnel will reach out to you to provide details.


    We will share our experience to help you correctly identify patients who are appropriate candidates for the ThyroidPrint test.

    Thyroid FNA sample Collection

    We will guide you on details of FNA sample Collection process or how to refer the patient to a center that works with us.


    We will explain the probable test results, their significance, and how you and your patient will receive the report.

    Centers working with us



    You can call the following number:

    Latin America +56 9 5608 6549

    Europe +34 911 863 493 / +34 933 801 582

    Email: [email protected]

    The ThyroidPrint test is currently available in: Chile, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador.

    If you are interested in making ThyroidPrint available in your country, please contact us and we will reach out to you. [email protected].

    You can call the numbers: Latin America + 56 9 5608 6549  – Europe +34 911 863 493 / +34 933 801 582 or mail: [email protected]

    Yes, it is possible. For this, please contact us,

    The thyroid nodule must be indeterminate, that is, Bethesda III or IV, with a size greater than 8 millimeters and  for patients 18 years or older (for patients under 18 years old it should be analyzed case by case).

    Yes, it is possible. For this, please contact us, and we will provide you with the guidelines to follow. Then, we will take care of the logistics for the sample to reach our central laboratory located in Santiago, Chile.

    Once the thyroid biopsy sample arrives to our laboratory, it takes 10 business days to deliver the result. However, depending on the country where you are located, the logistics of sample transportation may extend the delivery time (10/20 days).

    Currently, the GeneproDX CAP-accredited laboratory is located in Santiago, Chile (Av. Portugal 61, Santiago centro). Towards the end of 2023, the ThyroidPrint test be performed in local laboratories in other cities worldwide.

    The result is sent via email. Depending on the country, it will be sent to the doctor with a copy to the patient or directly to the patient.