The molecular test that avoids unnecessary surgeries

ThyroidPrint resolves the diagnostic uncertainty of indeterminate thyroid nodules with Bethesda III and IV category.


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    A molecular test that works with you

    ThyroidPrint is a molecular test capable of resolving the diagnostic uncertainty of indeterminate thyroid nodules (Bethesda III or IV). To perform the test, a thyroid FNA is performed, which is analyzed by real-time PCR. Subsequently, results are processed through neural-network algorithm which provides a score that determines whether the nodule is benign or not.

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    A globally recognized test to improve your quality of life

    ThyroidPrint is a validated test in the United States and Latin America, created by the GeneproDX laboratory. Its goal is to change the way indeterminate thyroid nodules are diagnosed and treated worldwide.

    Scientific evidence

    Check out the scientific evidence supporting the high performance of ThyroidPrint here.

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    Criteria to select a patient that could benefit from ThyroidPrint testing?

    A patient with an indeterminate thyroid nodule (Bethesda III or IV).

    The indeterminate nodule with a size 8 millimeters or greater.

    The patient 18 years or older (for patients under 18 years old it should be analyzed case by case).

    Authorizations and Accreditations

    Our laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), considered  internationally the highest standard of quality  accreditation for clinical laboratories worldwide.


    ThyroidPrint has been recognized with multiple awards. We invite you to see some of these moments.

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