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This document, prepared on October 20, 2022, regulates the general terms and conditions applicable to the access and use that the User will make of the website: THYROIDPRINT.COM (hereinafter referred to as “THYROIDPRINT,” “THYROIDPRINT.COM,” or “the Website” interchangeably), as well as to any type of information, content, image, video, audio, or other material communicated or present on the Website.


For the purposes of this document, “Website” shall mean: the external appearance of the screen interfaces, both in static and dynamic form, i.e., the navigation tree; and all elements integrated in both the screen interfaces and the navigation tree (hereinafter referred to as “Contents”), as well as all those online services or memories that may be offered to users (hereinafter referred to as “Services”).


THYROIDPRINT reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website and the Contents and Services that may be incorporated therein. The User acknowledges and accepts that at any time THYROIDPRINT may interrupt, deactivate, and/or cancel any of these elements integrated into the Website or access to them.


The access and use of the website and the related or attached content, as described in this document, shall be governed entirely by the laws of the Republic of Chile. Consequently, visits that the user makes on the platform representing the website, as well as the legal effects that these may have, are subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the courts of justice of the Republic of Chile. Of particular importance are the application of Law No. 19.628 on the Protection of Personal Data and Law No. 19.496 on Consumer Rights.


Additionally, this website and its contents are intended for all types of users, regardless of their nationality and place of residence, as long as Chilean legislation takes precedence in specific cases.


In particular, the Website is regulated in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR).


Furthermore, THYROIDPRINT.COM fully adheres to the Good Practices Code for Electronic Commerce of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce.


Users are recommended to carefully read the content of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as to print and keep a copy of these on a local disk storage unit or portable storage for their convenience and security.




The ownership of THYROIDPRINT belongs to GENEPRODX CHILE SPA, Tax ID: 76.365.812-0, duly represented by Mr./Ms. HERNÁN GONZÁLEZ, who holds the following position: General Manager, National Identity Card number: 9.976.143-1. His/her authority to act on behalf of THYROIDPRINT is recorded in a public deed dated March 3, 2014, which was executed at the notary public office of Mr./Ms. EDUARDO AVELLO CONCHA, LAWYER, PUBLIC NOTARY OF THE 27TH NOTARY OF SANTIAGO, DOMICILED AT ORREGO LUCO 0153.


Additionally, for any type of communication, presentation, inquiry, or claim related to the use or operation of the Website, THYROIDPRINT will receive all types of communications at the email address: [email protected], as well as the phone number: +56922097278, which will only be available for Customer Service purposes. GENEPRODX CHILE SPA is domiciled for these purposes at Portugal 61, Santiago.


The Website also has a customer service department, to which various presentations or complaints related to the use or access to the page can be submitted. This department can be contacted at the email address [email protected], the phone number +56942472410, or at the offices located at Portugal 61, Santiago.




Access to this Website, navigation, and use thereof, as well as any space enabled for interactions between Users or between the User and the Website (comment sections, blogging and microblogging spaces, and extensions intended for this purpose), confer upon individuals the status of “User.” Therefore, the User is understood to accept the Terms and Conditions set forth in this document from the moment of accessing the Website or its contents, as well as any future modifications made to the Terms and Conditions, without prejudice to what may be established by future legislation issued in the Republic of Chile to regulate this type of document, or that is applicable to the use of Websites.


Additionally, access to the Website by the User shall be free and without charge, without the User having to pay to access the site or its contents, beyond the cost of internet connection, where applicable.


User’s Responsibility.


THYROIDPRINT provides the User with a service characterized by the diversity of the content provided. The User assumes responsibility upon entering the Website, to make proper use of it and its contents. Thus, this responsibility will extend, non-exhaustively, to:


Using the information, Content, and/or Services and data offered by THYROIDPRINT, without it being contrary to these Terms and Conditions, as well as to the Chilean Legal System and Morality and Public Order, or in any other way that could result in the violation of third-party rights or the normal operation of the Website.


THYROIDPRINT reserves the right to remove all comments and interactions from Users that violate the law, respect for human dignity, are discriminatory based on race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, lineage, or condition, as well as those containing pornographic content or constituting messages known as “spam,” or that threaten youth or children, order, or public safety or that, in the opinion of THYROIDPRINT, are not suitable for the Website.


In any case, THYROIDPRINT is not responsible for the opinions of any kind expressed by Users through comments or blogging or microblogging tools or extensions.


The mere access to THYROIDPRINT.COM does not establish a commercial relationship between THYROIDPRINT and the User.


Legal Capacity.


The User declares to be of legal age and, therefore, to have the necessary and sufficient legal capacity to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Consequently, THYROIDPRINT is not directed at minors, declining any responsibility for non-compliance with this requirement.


Nevertheless, the legal capacity rules established in the legal system will apply in all cases where their application is relevant. Therefore, if a person does not have the legal capacity to contract, they must refrain from using the Contents and Services that require this capacity. THYROIDPRINT may, at any time, temporarily or definitively suspend the participation of users who are found to lack the legal capacity to use the Services and Content that require it or who provide false, inaccurate, or fraudulent information to the Website.


The THYROIDPRINT.COM Website is primarily directed at Users residing in the Republic of Chile. THYROIDPRINT does not guarantee that the Website fully complies with the laws of other countries. If the User resides or is domiciled in a foreign country and decides to access and/or navigate this Website, they do so at their